Automotive Products


Nowra Chemicals has a complete range of car care products, for cleaning, polishing and protecting any type of vehicle.

Vehicle Washing


Car Wash Siliconised
This is a concentrated car wash that will not harm duco or chrome. It will remove dirt and oil and leaves duco bright and shiny. This product leaves a protective silicone coating on the surface to prevent against dust, grime and pollution whilst also making bumpers and mud flaps shine.

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Truck Wash
With no free caustic this heavy duty product is suitable for both truck cabs and trailers. This truck wash will not harm paint or remove polish from your vehicle. Heavy duty with great results. This product also has an AQIS approval for use on food delivery vehicles.

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Auto Spa
Used for high usage washing in car yards, detailers and food processing trucks that are cleaned daily. This product contains no silicone and is ideal for all types of paintwork; this product also contains no phosphorus and is safe on all types of vehicles.

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Shine n Bright
Shine n Bright – is a silicone polymer product that will leave a protective coating and shine to all hard surfaces. Shine n Bright is an excellent Tyre and bumper dressing for cars and trucks. It is also suitable for dashboards and interiors where a high shine is desired. Simply spray or wipe on for great results.

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Protect-All is a general purpose protective coating. It leaves an invisible, long lasting shield protection from the environment. It repels dust, dirt and grime, and resists scratches, marks, smudges, water spots and finger marks. Protect All leaves no residue, gummy film or deposits. It contains no harmful fumes, abrasives, waxes or acids.

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Engine Degreaser
A heavy duty Turps based cleaner suitable for oil, under bonnet work and degreasing. Spray onto engine, leave for 5 minutes and hose off. Great results with a pressure cleaner and also great for washing parts up too.

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Super SC
An excellent water-soluble non-flammable degreaser for the cleaning of grime and oil from machinery. Its low foaming characteristics make it suitable for use through hand pumps and high-pressure equipment. Also great for cleaning workshop floors.

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Nowra Chemicals supply of car accessories includes; sponges, chamois, buckets, window cleaning equipment, rags and heavy duty hand cleaners. Call into our showroom or ask our friendly staff for more details.