Dispensing Equipment

Nowchem can supply and install the latest chemical dispensing technology from the leading dispensing brands Dema, Total Dispensing Solutions (TDS) and Knight Equipment.

Why use chemical dispensing equipment?

  • Correctly diluting chemicals can save money and reduce wastage
  • Promotes safe handling and correct usage of chemicals in the workplace
  • Reduces the risk of chemical contact for employees
  • Automated dosage systems available for certain applications


How many chemicals should i have before implementing a chemical dosing system?

Whether you have a single product for cleaning your floor or a food processing plant with multiple chemicals throughout many divisions, Nowchem can custom create a system to meet your needs, from automated self timing pumps to air operated transfer pumps, foamers, dilution stations, hot wash guns, dishwasher pumps, sink detergent pumps and more, your business can always benefit from using a correctly installed and maintained chemical system from Nowchem.


My dispensing equipment is broken where can i find spare parts?

The nowchem sales team can organise repairs, parts and or replacement for many different types of chemical dosage equipment. We also offer a maintenance program to ensure your equipment is checked and serviced to ensure correct use. Contact our sales team or your local representative for more details.


DEMA is a leading supplier of chemical dispensing systems, fluid control devices and industrial solenoid valves, strainers, pumps and injectors for virtually any industrial, institutional and professional market.


TITAN Warewash Dispensers

DEMA’S TITAN range of warewash dispensers was developed to reduce the number of service calls and create a more profitable installation at all types of warewash accounts. The unit can be set up in concentration, probeless or auto switchover mode depending on the installation requirements.

844P Atlas Laundry System

Atlas is the premier on-premise laundry system with a unique modular design that provides easy addition of up to 7 pumps for greater flexibility. Atlas can accommodate 2 different pump sizes to handle an array of machines, capacities and applications.


NITRO Digital Warewash Dispensers

The Nitro warewash dispenser line bridges the gap between compact basic dispensers and feature packed units too large for small kitchens. Nitro has the versatility to be used with or without a probe from the same unit and delivers premium features in a compact size with reduced installation and maintenance requirements.




302 Series Hand Pump

Designed to pump 30 or 60 millilitres of detergent, sanitiser or other chemical into kitchen sink, bottle, dry cleaning machine or any open container where chemical is mixed with water. Each push delivers 30 or 60 millilitres with the pump automatically maintaining its prime for future use.



925 Mobile Foamer

The 925 is a 25 gallon portable foamer that offers innovative features and ergonomics for industrial and institutional foam cleaning. This unit’s four wheel design allows for a wide range of mobility and the convenient drain feature allows for easy emptying.




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Total Dispensing Solutions (TDS), is an Australian owned company with industry experience in chemical metering pumps, foaming and spraying systems, dating back to 1985. TDS offers a vast range of products for the Institutional, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Industrial, Agricultural, Automotive, Transport and OEM markets.



The DR35 is a two-pump dishwashing chemical dispenser incorporating the latest digital electronics and software to provide maximum flexibility in a very easy to use format. Detergent and rinse aid pumps are housed in an IP66 water resistant enclosure. The installer can select probe, probeless, power up, timed, speed or cyclic mode, or any combination of these to suit any dishwasher.




ProMax represents the most intuitive and cost effective dispensing system available in the market today. By combining revolutionary technology of patented hydrodynamics and user friendly, image enhancing features, ProMax provides the perfect solution for all institutional and light industrial chemical dilution applications.







For the more rugged of applications Seko’s ProSink allows for fast and simple proportioning of chemicals for multiple applications. Available in single or dual models.





A 2 product water driven sprayer designed to provide optimal customer solutions in surface cleaning.



Auto Rewind Hose Reels

Macnaught and Recoila’s range of Auto Rewind Hose Reels have a global reputation for their reliability and durability in even the most harsh conditions. Available in cold water and hot water reels.


Wire Racks

Eliminate rust and corrosion with our unique range of 316 Polished Stainless Steel Racks and Drum Trolleys.




Foamaster II

A hose end 2 Litre Foam Gun with Multi Ratio Dial that allows for complete flexibility and on the spot adjusting if required.

Birchmeier Vario-Matic

A multifunctional foam gun with integrated mixing ratio dial. Suitable for acidic and alkaline foaming agents  for cleaning, descaling and disinfecting. The heart of the Vario-Matic 1.25 PE is the new designed mixing head with non-return valve and four different mixing ratio settings of 1.5%, 2.5%, 5.0%, 10% or just water. The new high-performance foam nozzle produces foam with a fan-like stream (rotatable horizontal or vertical) or as a jet.

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Since 1972, Knight’s in-house mechanical and electrical engineering teams have used the latest design techniques and processes to develop “value added” chemical delivery systems that control costs for the end user and provide greater overall value for your chemical programs.

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