We share our TOP 3 Tips for getting your pool ready this season

Oct 31, 2016

As we approach the warmer seasons and look forward to the smell of fresh cut grass, throwing a snag on the barbie and, of course, having a dip in the pool, it’s important to ensure that your pool is summer ready.  However if you are like many who dread the time spent trying to get your pool to perfection, our experts at Nowchem have shared their top 3 tips to make your pool balancing a breeze this season.

Tip 1: Clean your Skimmer Box, and Filter/Media

Have you ever checked the pool after winter, only to realise it’s now turned green? STOP! Do not throw remaining chemicals that you have laying around from last season in hope to reverse the effects. It’s time to take to the pool and check the filter, skimmer and media in your filter system are ready to tackle the task at hand. You will be surprised how much junk can make its way past your skimmer box into the filter so best give it all a good clean and if needed, replace the filter cartridge or media such as diatomaceous earth or sand to ensure your pump can keep that water moving.

Tip 2: Run the filter for at least 3 cycles per day

Winter time means short days and for most people they turn the filter off and save on valued electricity on their pool pumping system. Make sure your pool pump can turn over the volume of water in your pool around 3 times per day to ensure the water keeps moving and hence this reduces the ability for bacteria to form. If your pool has a salt water chlorinator this is also great as the chlorinator can produce valuable chlorine to help disinfect your pool and keep it sparkling. For example if your pool is 50000L then 50000L x 3 = 150000L and on average a pump runs 25000L/hr = 6 hrs per day of filter run time.

Tip 3: Ensure pH is correct and slowly increase chlorine levels

The pH level of your pool water is critical when introducing chemical dosing after winter, ensure you pH level is between 7.2 and 7.8 and slowly introduce small amounts of chlorine either powder or liquid as per manufacturers specifications.  Most people try to add chlorine first and then try to amend the pH but this can cause a pH spike and can become difficult to manage. As a rule of thumb always add small doses of pH correction agents such as sodium bicarbonate or hydrochloric acid and allow the water to turn over before adding chlorination agents. Once your levels are correct don’t forget to add stabiliser or sun block to ensure that you get the best performance out of your pool sanitiser. If problems persist take a sample to your local pool expert for analysis.

If you would like more information about how to treat your pool or about our product range head to, email us at or give us a call on (02) 4421 4099.


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