Paper Products

Nowchem has a large range of paper products for washrooms, food manufacturing facilities, workshops ,offices and more including toilet paper, hand towels, facial tissues, wipers and napkins. Nowchem carries leading brands from Tork and Ecosoft and has a full range if dispensers to meet any requirement. Please call into our ‘Nowchem Showroom’ to view our dispenser display or phone 02 4421 4099 for further information on these products. Click on the logo to view the latest products from each range.






Standard Toilet Rolls


Standard Toilet Rolls
One ply and two ply options available in both individual and bulk wrap varieties. For applications from toilet amenity blocks to fancy five star motels, we have a style that suits your needs.

Jumbo Toilet Rolls


Jumbo Toilet Rolls
One of the most popular styles of papers in modern washrooms, jumbo toilet rolls provide excellent in cost usage whilst saving time from less refills. Available in both single and two ply varieties and recycled options also available.

Baywest Environmentally Certified Toilet Roll System


Opticore Roll
Baywest Toilet Rolls
Baywest Toilet Rolls are one of the worlds leading paper companies when it comes to caring for our environment. Baywest paper is made from 100% recycled material and its unique opticore technology makes for less roll changes and zero wastage. Available in single and two ply.

80300 disp left
Baywest Toilet Roll Dispensers
Baywest toilet roll dispensers to suit the opticore series toilet rolls. In one ply this fantastic 3 roll design holds 5265 sheets of paper with zero wastage design. Available in two and three roll designs in white, black, red, blue and green.

Roll Towel


Roll Towel
Roll towel for fast cleanups spills etc. Available in various qualities in 80m and 90m lengths.

Roll Towel Dispensers
Roll Towel dispensers available in Plastic, Painted Enamel and Stainless Steel.

Baywest Auto Cut Roll Towel Dispenser
Baywest automatic cut roll towel dispensers offer over 700 sheets from one single roll of roll towel making this one of the most popular dispensers available. Its unique stub roll feature means no wastage and less refills whilst also using a high quality paper made from 100% recycled materials. Also available in automatic touch free and in 5 great colours.

Interleaved Hand Towel


Interleaf Hand Towel
Interleaf hand towel is great for areas with minimal space, easy to refill and great for controlling usage. Available in various widths and lengths and qualities from 5 different manufacturers we have a paper to suit your needs.

Interleaf Hand Towel Dispensers
Interleaf Hand Towel Dispensers are available to suit all paper styles in great modern styles. Some units also available in starter kits complete with paper.

Centre Feed Towel


Centre Feed Towel
Centre feed towel available for in most styles for fast and effective usage. Great for workshops, butcher shops, kitchens and more.

Center Feed Towel Dispensers
Centre Feed Towel Dispensers available for applications where towel is required fast, Easy to use designs with minimal reloads.

Related Products


Facial Tissues
Facial tissues available in various sizes and styles, great for the workplace, motels, offices, medical centres and more.

Sanitary Bags and Toilet Seat Seals
A must for all motels, hotels and holiday parks. Available in popular designs.

Guest Soaps
Guest soaps including, Shampoo, Conditioner, Spa and Bath Gel, Body Lotion, and block soaps available to suit all applications. Available in today’s most popular designs. Shave kits, shower caps, sewing kits and more available on request.

Toilet Seat Seal