Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Nowchem Pharma – leading the way in Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Area

Nowchem Pharma has been manufacturing topical creams and liquids since 2002.

With over 20 years experience, Nowchem Pharma manufacture medium sized runs supporting those clients in specialised markets.

Liquid Blending

Nowchem Pharma has 3 x 3000L and 1 x 6000L tanks for general products with all tanks being connected to the purified water main.

There are also several 100L to 600L tanks available for premixing and pilot batches.

Cream Mixing

Nowchem Pharma has 2 x 1200L tanks and a 120L heated feed tank allowing for the manufacture of topical creams including sunscreens and other medicinal products.

The main mixing facility is supported by 250kg and 500kg mixing tanks for both trials and short run requirements.


Nowchem Pharma offers a dedicated filling room with a 4 Head Asset Filler suitable for filling 100ml to 1 litre bottles, a Single Head Bottom Up Filler suitable for filling 1 Litre to 5 litre bottles, a Tube Filling Machine suitable for  30ml to 300ml bottles as well as a Sachet Machine.

Ink jet coders and a heat shrink tunnel compliment the packing and filling system.