Spill Control Equipment

Nowchem stocks spill control and chemical storage equipment from leading companies such as Spill Station Australia and Enretech.

Spill Station Australia

Spill Station Australia is an Australian owned company that is dedicated to the manufacture and supply of superior workplace safety and environment protection systems.

Vehicle GP Spill Kit

This 32 litre general purpose spill kit is ideal for vehicle applications. It is compact and lightweight and can contain and absorb a wide range of liquids. A combination of absorbent pads and loose absorbent make this ideal for use as a vehicle spill kit for use in a wide range of environments.

For use on land in a wide range of industrial environments including: agri-business, bulk liquid transfer, factory, warehouse, workshop, re-fueling area, loading dock, Class 3 Storage, Class 6 Storage.


120L Hazchem Spill Kit

This 120 litre chemical spill kit can deal with a diverse range of spills including diesel, caustic, oils, acids and solvents.
It provides effective tools for an individual to contain and absorb up to 120 litres of spill.

All hazardous chemical spill kits contain: Absorbent pads with SpillSecure Technology, spill containment booms, personal protection equipment, contaminated waste bags & ties, adhesive wall locator and laminated instruction sheets



Bio-Hazard Spill Kit

The Biohazard Spill Kit is suitable to use with all body fluids including blood, urine and vomit and contains all of the personal protection equipment to minimise the risk of infection occurring during the spill clean up.

Ideal for first aid rooms, schools, laboratory and medical environments. Each kit contains: 500ml Biohazard Absorbent Powder Sachet, Facemask & Eye shield, Protective Apron, Disposable Gloves, 2 of Hygienic Skin Wipes, 2 of Self Sealing Clinical Waste Bags, Scoop & Scraper and 200ml Rediclean Clinical Detergent.


4-Drum Spill Pallet

The Spill Station range of bunded spill pallets are 100% virgin resin. They are fully recyclable but contain no recycled contaminants that can compromise chemical resistance and load bearing capacity.
The 4 drum spill pallet is designed to provide a secure 230 litre secondary containment facility for drums of up to 205 litres. The raised lip, non slip grate and easy drain threaded sump plug ensure ease of use. As well as minimising risks to safety and the environment, this spill pallet will help you to ensure that you are meeting your legal obligations.


Single IBC Spill Containment Unit with Grate

This hard wearing IBC bunded spill pallet is made to last. The IBC bund body is made from 100% virgin resin polyethylene for high strength and chemical resistance. The IBC bund has a huge 1100 litre sump to contain the entire contents of the IBC in the event of a leak.




4-Drum In-Line Spill Deck

This low profile, corrosion-free polyethylene spill deck is designed to hold 4 x 205L drums. It has a seamless design for maximum sump security.




2-Drum Spill Deck

Bund flooring with 150 litre sump can be used as a standalone sump to store up to 4 x 100 litre drums or linked with additional units to create a larger workstation. Manufactured from polyethylene for broad range chemical compatibility this model features a removable plastic grid to allow you to re-claim and clean-up liquids easily.




Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet

The Spill Station Australia range of Flammable Goods Cabinets are Australian Made and built to comply with the Australian Standard AS1940-2004 for storage of flammable and combustable liquids. Available in 30L, 60L, 100L, 160L, 205L, 250L and 350L capacities.




Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinet

Built from the highest quality Australian materials, these Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinets are designed to comply with the Australian Standard AS3780-1994. Available in 30L, 60L, 100L, 160L and 250L capacities.




Mobile Dispensing Station

The rotating lockable front castor allows this unit to be easily moved around you site in the horizontal position. Manufactured from chemically resistant polyethylene, this unit will not rust or corrode and has a sump capacity to contain up to 230L of spill making it ideal for decanting 205 litre (44 gal) drums.




Poly Drum Dolly

Solid steel construction and heavy duty wheels ensures the 2-drum trolley will be working for you for years to come. Measuring 1350 x 700mm, the sump will contain up to 100 litre of spilled liquids. This unit is 100% Australian made and is ideal for all vertical dispensing and decanting applications.




Bench-Top Spill Trays

Provides a safe decanting area for bench-top applications. Spills drain safely to the sump. Perfect for laboratory applications. Made from 100% chemically resistant polyethylene. Available in 27.5L and 29L capacities.




Drip and Storage Trays

Catch drips, decant and store chemicals safety with this drum spill tray. Made from lightweight, durable polyethylene and provides a simple and safe solution to the storage and handling of smaller drums and containers. Available in 20L, 45L, 65L and 100L capacities.




Spill Station Australia Full Catalogue

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