Manufacturing High Quality Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

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Industry Solutions

Professionally customised chemical, cleaning and dispensing solutions for the workplace.

Home Solutions

Specialist advice and economical based chemical solutions for private residences.

Specialised Applications

Custom created and application specific chemicals for those hard to do jobs.

Nowchem is a Chemical and Pharmaceutical manufacturing business located in NSW, Australia. Nowchem manufacture a range of chemical products for industry, home and for specialised applications.

Nowchem produce over 400 specialty chemicals including various detergents, cleaning products and disinfectants and can customise these to suit your needs

For Cleaning

Manufacture and distribution of cleaning compounds including acids, alkali’s and disinfectants.

For Water

Decanting and distribution of bulk chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite, swimming pool and water treatment chemicals including liquid aluminum sulphate.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacture of a large range of special chemical products including surfactants and flocculants, wax emulsions and other reactor products and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing of liquids and topical products.

Industry or Home Solutions. We Can Provide It.

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