Contract Manufacturing

Nowchem manufacture a range of chemical products for industry, the home and for specialised applications on a contract manufacturing basis.

The company can make to your formula or help in developing your own range of products using our laboratory facilities and Industrial Chemists.

  •  Cleaning Products
  •  Industrial Chemicals
  •  Organic Reactions
  •  Wax Emulsions
  •  Polymers
  •  Cosmetics
  •  Pharmaceutical Products

The manufacturing facility currently consists of 50 mixing vessels. These vary in size from 200 litres to 20,000 litres. Nowchem has 3 stainless steel reactors that will work under vacuum and temperatures up to 300° celsius. The plant is generally stainless steel with 1 glass reactor and 1 rubber lined reactor for Alum Sulphate.

Both raw materials and finished product are stored within the centre. The Warehouse and Distribution Centre is licensed for the storage of Class 8, Class 6, Class 5 and Class 3 dangerous goods.

Nowchem has 4 high temperature reactors. Sizes are 10,000L, 2,400L, 1,200L, and a 3000L glass lined vessel. Reactors serviced by a gas fired heating system.

Alum Reactor• The alum reactor will produce 30T batches of 8% Alum Sulphate.
• Capacity is 90T per day.
• Storage for alum is 250T
Blending ReactorsThese have excellent heating and cooling for polymer reactions.
• Sizes include 9,000L, 3,000L, 1,200L and 200L.
• Reactors can be gas purged with CO2, nitrogen or clean air.
• All have variable speed mixers
Bulk Blending• There are 5 large blending tanks ranging in size from 8,000L to 25,000L
• Tanks contain heating and cooling coils for temperatures up to 50oC
• These are supplemented by 8 tanks from 4,000L down to 400L.
FMA RoomThe Flammables Mixing area has three tanks connected to air pumps for loading product and pumps out finished stock.
• The 1200L tank is water heated to 50oC for premixes.
• Tanks are 5,000L, 2,400 & 1,200L
PharmaceuticalThe “Thera Cell” is a TGA approved manufacturing area.It contains 3 x 3000L tanks, one which is heated.
• Filling line for 100ml to 5L containers.
• Cream Mixing
• Tube Sealing
• Ink Jet Printing and coding
• RO water plant
• Decanting of raw materials
Other Equipment• This includes a 3,000L wax emulsion plant and homogeniser.
• Bulk Blending, 18,000L connected to homogenisers.
• Filling line from 100ml to 5L bottles
• Bulk Storage
Other Activities• Contract packing of liquids and creams
• Small powder blends
• Bulk Caustic and acid deliveries from 1,000L to 20,000L
• TGA legislated products, such as sunscreens and alcohol gels
• Ag/Vet, APVMA products
TransportNowra Chemicals delivers into Sydney on a daily basis and also runs a 10, 6 and 2 tonne transport fleet to supplement external contract carriers to both in Sydney and the South Coast markets. All drivers are Dangerous Goods licenced.
CertificationsISO 9001 certified since 1993
TGA – GMP Licence
APMVA Licence
Organic Certification for Cosmetics
Registered with NICNAS for manufacturing
Working to ISO 14000
Member of PACIA Responsible Care
Participating Business Treading Lightly Green House Reduction
Cleaner Production award
Cosmetic Manufacturing• Certified Via OFC for Organics
• New 200sq.m Certified Organic Are
• Mixing from 50L to 1,500L
• Filling From 30ml to 1L
• New Ultrasonic Tube Sealer
• Creams and liquids blending

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