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Nowchem Youth Engagement

Nowchem has been a strong advocate for youth development locally and globally. Each year Nowchem allocates over $20,000 in sponsorships or employee time in the community. As an organisation we understand the importance of community engagement with our team which is why we provide every full-time employee with two days paid leave to contribute back to the community.

Youth and Education

Our passion in youth and education is now embedded in our three core values; community, family and quality.

This has led to the establishment of our own foundation ‘Inspire Youth Australia Foundation’. Nowchem, alongside the Inspire Youth Australia Foundation has assisted the following organisations/causes:

  • South Coast Youth Leadership Forum
  • Shoalhaven Science Fair
  • SPBA Young Professional Mentoring Program
  • Shoalhaven Shark Tank
  • Nowra Show Society
  • Bomaderry Primary School Library Restoration
  • Global Youth Ambassador Program
  • International Young Leaders Assembly

Inspire Youth Foundation Australia

The Inspire Youth Australia Foundation was established in 2014 to facilitate Nowchem’s community involvement through the charity sector.

The foundation is involved with various charitable causes to support local youth, encouraging them to become change makers in their community. This includes the coordination of the South Coast Youth Leadership Forum which involves local students, school communities, local council and volunteering services.

The foundation seeks to ensure local students receive opportunities for the learning of ‘life skills’ required for life as a young adult. Many of these students come from a cross-section of the community that have varying levels of disadvantage.

The foundation aims to remove some of these barriers and help youth connect with various local mentors, community groups and other community organisations so they have the opportunity to succeed.

South Coast Youth Leadership Forum (SCYLF)  | SCYLF on FaceBook

This program has been running in its new format for the past three years. Over this period, over 170 local students and 30 + mentors have received training in social leadership and life skills. The program runs over three days and includes a ‘Glocalisation’ project to help improve the community from a grassroots perspective. To help complete these projects, the young leaders learn skills in:

  • Stereotyping
  • Privilege
  • Public Speaking and Storytelling
  • Fundraising
  • Values
  • Understanding their ‘why’
  • Teamwork
  • Dealing with mental health
  • Volunteering in the community and overseas

SCYLF is a great example of ‘youth-leading-youth’. Nowchem provides over $10,000 of support both in-kind and in cash to ensure that the program is successful each year.

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