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Cleaner Water, Cleaner Country

The Nowchem focus is on creating cleaner living and this is achieved through our water division by helping turn waste water into clean waster and providing safe and effective solutions for water management.

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Nowra Chemical Manufacturers, now known as Nowchem, was originally founded by John and Fay Lamont in 1977 with the primary goal of supplying Aluminium Sulphate to a small division of local customers. For the past 40 years we have grown to be a leading provider of water treatment chemicals throughout New South Wales and have provided many councils and large organisations with a variety of products for the treatment of water during this time.

Nowchem Watercare can supply flocculants, sanitisers and balancers, acid products, odour control products and pool chemicals in various concentrations and pack sizes.

Flocculants• Liquid Aluminium Sulphate – Alum
• Poly Aluminium Chloride – PAC/PACL
• Liquid Clarifier
Sanitisers & Balancers• Liquid Pool Chlorine
• Sodium Hydroxide (Liquid Caustic Soda)
• Granular Caustic Soda
• Sodium Carbonate – Dense Soda Ash
• Sodium Bicarbonate
• Magnesium Hydroxide
Acid Products• Hydrochloric Acid
• Sulphuric Acid
• Citric Acid
• Phosphoric Acid
• Potassium Permanganate
• Acetic Acid
Odour Control• Activate Enzyme Cleaner
• ONA – Odour Neutralizing Agent
Pool Chemicals• Calcium Hypochlorite (Granular Pool Chlorine)
• Chlorine Tablets
• Sodium Bisulphate – Dry Acid
• Algicide
• Black Spot Remover
• Chlorine Dioxide Precursor C-5 Tablets
• Swimming Pool Salt
• Calcium Chloride
Specialty Blends

Nowchem has a large manufacturing facility with over 50 mixing vessels and reactors for manufacturing chemicals. Nowchem can also blend specialty solutions at customised strengths to meet your dosage requirements.

Safety and Compliance

Nowchem provides Safety Data Sheets for all of our products to our customers. We are happy to collate and provide them in a booklet or you can visit for downloadable/printable versions.

Nowchem also carries out inspections on all bulk delivery sites over 1000L free of charge to help ensure safety and compliance of bulk storage facilities. We can assist with signage and other items such as storage tanks, safety showers and bunding to assist with safe conditions for delivery and operator safety.

Industry or Home Solutions. We Can Provide It.

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