Clean Your Car with Ease

Clean Your Car with Ease

Aug 28, 2020

You’re probably wondering why we’ve made a blog about washing your car. Who could possibly need it right? Well there are actually a few common car washing mistakes that people make and the most common one of all is using dishwashing liquid. Whilst this might sound like a cheap and easy way to save some money and time, over time, using the wrong sort of detergent can actually harm your cars paint work and longevity. So, if you’ve ever washed your car using normal dishwashing liquid, or you’d just like to pick up a few helpful tricks, then this guide is for you.

 Siliconised Car Wash – is the best and easiest product to do an external clean on your car.  The added silicon in the car wash provides a gleaming shine upon finishing whilst still providing an easy way to remove dirt and grime off your car. Also, the secret blend of chemicals in the product, helps to remove dirt and grime safely away from paint without the normal wear and tear of other cheaper alternatives.

Cleaning the Engine Bay – If you want to do a deeper or more detailed clean of your engine bay, you want to find a suitable and safe degreaser. Degreasing the engine bay area of your car is something that is usually overlooked, but can help with air flow and cooling of your engine. Our Under Bonnet Cleaner is designed for exactly that purpose. Whilst using a spray applicator, spray directly into the engine bay and wait 5 minutes. This particular product uses high levels of cutting agents to get rid of the built-up grime and dust which can collect in the engine, melting it away and leaving it sparkling clean.

Cleaning Alloy Wheels and External Plastics – This is an important step to those who want to go the extra step for your car care. There are plenty of specific wheel cleaning chemicals that we use on alloy wheels to not only clean them, but also to prevent the brake dust from settling on your wheels and damaging the metal. The best product to use is our Shine n Bright, which is a light solvent to take the dust and built up tar and grime collected from the roads. This also applies for the external trim of your car, protecting them from the sun and normal wear and tear.

Protecting Your Dash – Sunlight is the biggest issue with protecting your cars leather, vinyl and plastic trims. Protect All provides a barrier against fading and general wear and tear on your fabrics such as your dash and arm rests. Protect All is designed to be sprayed on and spread using a microfibre cloth to cover all surfaces providing you with weeks of protection.

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