Bomb the Boss

Bomb the Boss

May 30, 2023

On Tuesday 16th May 2023, We hosted a Bomb The Boss event to raise funds for Cancer Council NSW. The event proved to be a huge success, as over 150 water balloons were thrown towards John, the managing director. The event was organised by the employees of the company, who wanted to do something fun and engaging to support a good cause.

The water balloons were filled with water, food dye, and glitter, making it a fun and exciting morning for all employees and members of the public who participated in the event. The event was held in the company’s parking lot, which was transformed into a makeshift battlefield. Participants were given a chance to test their aim and accuracy by hurling water balloons at John, who was a good sport throughout the event.

The Bomb The Boss event was a great way to raise awareness about cancer and the importance of supporting cancer research and patient care. By bringing the community together for a fun and engaging activity, the organizers were able to demonstrate that supporting a good cause can also be enjoyable and rewarding.

The event received coverage from Win News Illawarra, who came by and got some great action shots of the event. The coverage helped to raise awareness about the event and encouraged more people to support John’s fundraising efforts for Cancer Council Australia.

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